New Day Job!

As of December 4th, I’ll be the new Director of E-Learning at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. I didn’t dislike either student services or international student advising, but I have to say that I’m excited to be doing something that’s more commensurate with my abilities. I’ve also wanted to get back into technology a bit, and this is obviously in that direction.

Credit where it’s due: I hadn’t planned to look for a position like this until I finished my Master’s, but the day before leaving for Jamaica, good ol’ Mom emailed me asking whether I’d seen the vacancy for it. I hadn’t, but went ahead and threw together an application, thinking that I’d be one a hundred qualified applicants, and that I probably wouldn’t even get an interview.

I was wrong. Thanks, Mom.

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  1. Hi Steve, Congratulations on the new job. Like with Michael it was a suprise to hear you had moved on from your thrilling Academic advising post. Sounds like your trip to Jamaica was really productive, which is great. Sorry didn’t catch you before your move…but here’s wishing you all the best with your new adventures. Do keep in touch. Take care. Pauline

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