Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends….

I’ve been a little nervous about sharing this, because I know I’ve enrolled in quite a few doctoral programs in the past only to decide they weren’t right for me, or, more recently, that I just wasn’t at the right time of life to get through such a program.

However, I’ve always kept my eyes open for an ideal doctoral program in educational leadership or educational technology, one that had very low tuition rates, very liberal transfer credit allowances, and that seemed to have its act together organizationally.

I decided that school is the University of the Cumberlands, and I’ve enrolled in their doctoral program in Educational Leadership. I applied somewhat on a lark — actually, they sucked me in by responding to my filling out a web form that I meant only as an inquiry by thanking me for having filled out an application and saying all I needed to do was submit the materials to accompany it, e.g., recommendation, transcripts, test score, and essay. Since they did such a great job making it sound like I was already in progress, I found myself going ahead and submitting everything else. Very smooth, UC.

Now, that alone wouldn’t have been enough to get me to enroll, but they did a number of other things right. Their admissions person was helpful and informative but never pushy. She offered to let me submit additional references in lieu of a test score, but since they accepted the Miller Analogies Test, which takes like an hour, I just went and took the test. They went out of their way to accept all my previous doctoral work rather than look for ways to reject it like some schools, and as a result I got the maximum of 18 semester-hours of transfer. Since the whole program is 60 semester-hours, that means I walked in being 30% done.

Then there’s the money. At $375 each, my 42 remaining semester-hours will cost a total of $15,750. And those courses can be taken one at a time, six terms per year, which is the sort of scheduling I prefer.

I’m a few weeks into the first course now, and the instructor has presented the material in an engaging manner, and she’s flexible about when assignments are submitted. There’s a weekly synchronous component, but so far it’s been about an hour each week, and it’s actually been useful and fun to participate. It’s decent material, but the workload is entirely manageable and the expectations are reasonable. I also appreciate they talk about the dissertation from the from course, and that their completion rate is very high — unlike some schools, they actually want people to finish.

It’s also nice to do this sort of thing on the buddy system, and my friend and my fellow Virginian Matt Brent has also signed up for the same program, although we’re in different classes this term.

Anyway, that’s what’s up.

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  1. Congratulations, Steve. Good luck on your journey and explorations. You can’t get to the greatest places without heading out without a firm destination in mind. You’ve got to trust that you’ll find them as you develop.

    And thank you again for the inspiration that is your website. I’m trying to catch up!


  2. just stumbled across your site while I was searching for something else. I too am enrolled in the UC EdD program and like yourself, am enjoying what I have experienced to date. I am completing my second course and only have one class to transfer in. So far so good. I wish there was an online forum for students in the program to share ideas, suggestions and helpful hints for success.

  3. Thanks, Rich, that means a lot coming from you. I’m still happy to help with your site if you like.

  4. Hi Dawn, I was thinking that there should be a Facebook group for people in UC’s doctoral programs in leadership. I found out that in addition to the EdD in Educational Leadership, they now also offer a PhD in Leadership that is very similar, so I’ve switched over to the new thing. 🙂

  5. Hi, I just sent my information to be accepted to the UC. I didn’t see anywhere on their site that they have a PhD in Leadership. Is this program also online? If so, can you send me a link to it please because I live in Texas and I believe the school is in Kentucky. I would be interested in it. Thanks so much! Renee

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