New Mexico may bite the dust here

A number of interesting opportunities to travel have been coming my way, so I’ve been figuring out how I’m going to sort out how much annual leave I have with how much traveling I want to do. Get this:

  1. Marymount is offering a class that I could use as my last Master’s elective. The course takes place over a single week in March, all day for five days. I’d have to use a week of leave to attend it, but that’s one course out of the way at pretty much the fastest possible speed. Plus it’s a course in Technology Leadership that looks genuinely interesting.
  2. Heather Ford of iCommons emailed me asking whether I can come to Johannesburg early next year for a gathering of people who will plan next summer’s iSummit.
  3. Wayne Mackintosh has suggested that the WikiEducator Advisory Board should meet early next year in Nairobi, Kenya.
  4. PCF5 will be in London in July.
  5. The 2008 iCommons Summit will be in Sapporo in August.
  6. I’d been considering New Mexico State University, but I’ll need two weeks of leave to do their summer residency.
Now, when I went to Croatia, I didn’t have to use leave, but that was sort of nice of my supervisor here. I don’t expect that items 4 and 5 are both going to be leave-free trips this time around.

It also occurs to me that even if can sort out all these things, I only get two weeks of leave a year, so if I do the NMSU program then barring a change of diurnal activity I will use annual leave for nothing else until 2011.

I don’t want to give up on a doctoral program but I also don’t want to give up on the work I’m doing through WikiEducator or iCommons. A friend of mine has a colorful way of describing situations like this: “I’m holding a red stick in this hand, and a blue stick in this hand. I’m going to hit you with one of these sticks, but, hey, you get to pick which one.”

So I’m trying to decide with which stick I want to be hit, basically. I’ve only used one day of leave since I got here, and I get just ten days per year (Oh, to be French!) so if I take a normal course rather than that week-long one and take NMSU off the list of consideration in favor of zero-residence (or local) doctoral programs, then between this year and next year I have nineteen days of leave to sort out all the other trips. That I think I could do. Still, sheesh!