Dead Man’s Chest

I’m not sure why the critics didn’t like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. It had a complex plot, but not a convoluted one. It was long, but engaging throughout. Now I may be a little biased, since they filmed all the scenes with lush beautiful rainforest in Dominica, and it was cool to see one or two familiar faces on screen (like our boat guide on Indian River). But still, I thought it was great.

And this movie also goes to show that you can do whatever you want to Naomie Harris and she’s still hot.

Adding an entry by email

I’m still playing with the blog. Randall the Magnificent helped me
set it up on my own domain, so now I’m branching out to test other
features. I think I’ll have to harmonize the look and feel of the
blog and of the rest of the site. That’s tough, though, when next
semester is looming and there’s so much to do between now and

Why not me?

So the way I see it, everyone else has a blog, and I’ve been online since 1993, so why shouldn’t I do it too?