Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of task is right for you?

A: I’m capable of handling a variety of jobs, from writing and research to instructional design and online course development to web development to educational technology. I’ve held a variety of positions, and can say that the environment is often more important to me than the task itself. As long as I have challenges and rewards and my share of input into the way a set goal is reached, I am in the right place.

Q: What is your current availability?

A: As of April 2011, my main contract was scaled back pretty drastically, so I’m available up to a full time level. I spend most of my time in the Washington, D.C. area (and Dominica, West Indies when possible) but I am not available to relocate outside those areas unless for an exceptional opportunity. However, I travel well and would be happy to do so just about anywhere.

Q: What technical skills are you using these days?

A: I’ve become interested in LAMP development, and am putting together a few database-backed web applications using PHP as part of side projects. I’m also toying around with web-based multimedia. A Windows user since version 3.1 and a former MSCE, I retired it a while back throughout my family’s house, and replaced it entirely with Ubuntu Linux.

Q: Do you do any volunteering?

A: Yes, I do. I’m an elected member of the Community Council of WikiEducator, a project to develop open educational resources that was originally sponsored by the Commonwealth of Learning and funded by the Hewlett Foundation, and which is now housed at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand. I’m also on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association of Charter Oak State College, where I did my Bachelor’s degree.

Q: What natural languages do you speak?

A: I’m only fluent in English, unfortunately. However, I studied Spanish for several years in school, and am confident that I could regain a conversational level of proficiency with it fairly quickly were I in a Spanish-speaking environment. I also speak a bit of Antillean Creole.

Q: Aren’t you concerned about placing your personal information and opinions where prospective employers or clients might see them?

A: I’ve posted various opinions of mine online since 1993, so there’s nothing I post here that one couldn’t find out about me fairly easily anyway. Besides, I like to think that if someone wouldn’t want to work with me because they find out who I really am, then I too am probably better off developing a different professional relationship. Also, I should stress that if I do agree to take a position with your organization, I’ll devote my resources to it fully without regard to personal opinion.

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me using the contact information on my resume.

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